Mermaid Theme

Mermaid Theme

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Setup includes the following products:

Mermaid  Backdrop 5*8 Fabric  Rs.2200
Grey Floordrop 5*8 Fabric  Rs.2200
Mermaid Shell Rs.6000
Pearls Bunch (Rs.150*3)  Rs.450
Chunky Layer Blue  Rs.1500
Foldable Wooden Fence Cream  Rs.2800
Cursive One  Rs.1500
Tall Grass Rs.300
Green Bush Big  Rs.300
Octopus Yellow (Rs.390*3)  Rs.1170
Octopus Green (Rs.390*3)  Rs.1170
Dolphin Blue  Rs.650
Dolphin Pink  Rs.650
Thorny bush Rs.290
Yellow Bud Fillers   Rs.200
Mermaid Outfit  Rs.1500
Mermaid Tutu  Rs.990


Total =23,870

 We can also customize the setup to your needs

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